Welcome to Burnside Productions Audio Studios

Burnside Productions is the perfect facility for all your Song and voice-over recording Needs. We have studios suited to all projects big or small including voice for radio spots, corporate,Sporting club songs, TV shows, and much more.

Burnside Productions, established in 1991, has now composed and recorded over 1000 songs all over Australia and number one for professional recordings, voice-overs and compositions at an affordable price.
Suitable for all sporting clubs such as football clubs, rugby clubs, cricket clubs, school songs and their sporting teams just to name a few.
Burnside Productions has recorded and composed songs including The Geelong F.C. in the AFL, Sydney City Roosters R.C., Sydney Rabbitohs R.C. and various jingles for television and radio, including 52 x original songs for The Eggs animation series on Channel Nine.
Recorded in 24 bit digital audio we will send you an MP3 of the song and voice-over, usually within 14 x days, for you to check over before payment is made as sometimes we need to amend certain things such as the sponsors names being pronounced incorrectly or tweaks to the song and/or lyrics etc.
As well as name of the tune, we just need a copy of the song lyrics and the major sponsors names for the voice-over.
Please note that we can change the voice-over each year if need be if new sponsors are attained.
If you dont have a club song or perhaps just a chant, then no problem, we can compose one for you for the same price. The song is something the club or school can use for life to play over the ground, in the club rooms, club functions and place on your website, not to mention the voice-over advertising to acknowledge your club sponsors and attaining valuable funds for the club per year thus attract new sponsors each year.
The club song is sure to generate excitement amongst the players and supporters alike for life!

Live performance

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Film production

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Music video editing

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Digital content

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