Burnside Productions is Australia’s number one producer for sporting club themes and television composition.

Founded by renowned producer Brendan Byrne in 1991 as a local studio, Burnside Productions has grown to be an Australia’s leading production facility specialising in sporting songs, clips and voice-overs along with original song composition for television and radio.Brendan co-created The Eggs animation series for Network Nine and co-composed all of the original songs / incidental, that was sold around the world as a co-production with Funbag Animation in Canada. With more than 1000 sporting club songs in our successful track record so far, we are a trusted all-rounder for your song and voice-over recording needs. Today, we also produce video clips using cutting-edge technology topromote for your club sponsors on game days, events and website. Played on the scoreboard, functions, television, website, digital or social media channels, these video clips will help you reach out to your target audience in all forms of advertising.By integrating musical and visual production services under one roof, we aim to provide our clients with seamless access to impactfulmarketing communications and cost efficiency.We have studios suited to all projects big or small. You give us the pitch and let us create meaningful values together.
Burnside Productions is the perfect facility for all your song and voice-over recording needs. We have studios suited to all projects big or small including voice for radio spots, corporate, sporting club songs, TV shows, and much more. You give us the pitch and we will compose it at very affordable prices.
You can listen to some of our example audio tracks here
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Our engineers are skilled in both cutting edge and classic recording techniques. Whatever the sound and style of production you have in mind, we can help you achieve it, whether it’s a live band, fully isolated and playing all at once, or putting it together one piece at a time. Our impressive collection of equipment will produce the sound you are looking for before it ever hits Pro Tools.


Mixing is the process of taking all of the individual elements of a song and combining them together to form a cohesive and balanced recording. Using the techniques of tone-shaping, dynamic control, as well as time and pitch correction, this process will have the greatest impact on the final outcome of your project. It doesn’t have to end with these traditional mixing techniques. We also incorporate a more modern approach such as drum replacement/enhancement and instrument re-amping. This holds true for both live and electronic music.


Once your mix is complete and you are totally satisfied with the results, it is time for Mastering. Mastering is the process of preparing the final mix to be competitive and compatible with current consumer formats and sound quality. This can involve slight frequency adjustments and overall loudness. The importance of mastering is most apparent when putting together a collection of songs and achieving a cohesive sound among them.


Producing can mean several different things depending on the style of music. Traditionally in live music, a producer helps to perfect the arrangement, instrumentation, and overall feel of a recorded performance. In modern computer-based music production, producing includes drum and synth programming and overall songwriting. This often falls under the category of beat making. We have a team of engineers and producers who specialize in both areas and can easily move between the two.